Eliza Tree
Artist and Expeditioner

Lives and works in Castlemaine, Central Victoria.
Full time Artist, Activist, Environmental carer & historical researcher.

For the past 15 years I have been researching the early colonial history of Victoria, particularly Dja Dja Wurrung Country, Central Victoria.

By reading the landscape, through maps, journals and images of colonial Victoria, I journey through time and place, contextualising the many narratives and and perspectives of colonial invasion of Aboriginal Country and culture.

My AV Visual Narrative presentation allows us to re-visit and re-assess the many narratives of our region of Central Victoria, the ‘Australia Felix’ – the happy / abundant Australia.


Born England 1963.   Parents & new family (3 kids) returned to Australia, not to home town Melbourne, but Canberra 1964….

1968 – 74  Forrest School
1975 – 78  Alternative School. AME. Years 7 – 10
1976           Journey to Aboriginal settement ‘Umbulguri’ northern W.A. with Dad.
1979 – 80  Year 12 Certificate. Phillip College. Canberra.
1981 – 83  Lived, worked, travelled in Australia & O/S
1983 – 86  Fine Art Diploma. ESTC. (National Art School) Sydney
1986           Midnight Oil ‘Black Fella White Fella’ Out-back tour.
1987 – 89   Lizard Lines Studio Sydney. S E Forest Campaign.
1989            Travel in North and Central America.
1990 – 94   B.A. Peace Studies, La Trobe University. Bundoora.
1995 – 98   Melbourne. Self employed. Environment, Art & Design.
1999 – 2018  Castlemaine. Clontarf, Walma, etc.
2008-9  History Subject Units. La Trobe Uni. Bendigo
2010     Major Mitchell Expedition re-tracing T L Mitchell 1836 Expedition
2011      Major Mitchell Symposium. Castlemaine Town Hall.
2015     Royal Society of Victoria – Blandowski Presentation
2016     Arts Open. ‘Revisiting Indigenous Cultural and Cultivated Landscapes’
2017     Castlemaine Festival. ‘Dja Dja Wurrung Country’
2018     Arts Open. ‘From Invasion to Recognition’

PO Box 546
Castlemaine. Vic 3450

Email:  elizatree@castlemaine.net